Alzheimer's Fundraiser

Enter anytime leading up to and during the stream July 23rd, 9pm Eastern on my Youtube channel!! Winners will be drawn at the end of the stream!!

Enter here (Every $5 is an entry!) You can enter at any time, the winners will be drawn at the end of the stream on the 10th! 


*You don't have to be there to win! (I'll put a comment on the stream's video with a list of the winners, and I'll be contacting winners via the email entered when you donate).  

*** SPECIAL PRIZES REQUIRE SEPARATE LINK!!! For the Stagg Jr Batch 1 or Jim Beam 1795 there is a separate link here. Instead of doing an auction, want anyone to have a chance at these special bottles (please note coming from Australia and won't arrive till September). Enter for these separately here:


Youtube stream: 


Bottle Donor WINNER
Stagg Jr BATCH 1  *** Chris & Lil Tatz
Jim Beam 1795 *** Scott Christie (Australia Jim Beam Ambassador
Cedar Ridge Single Barrel


ECBP B522 Kevin O'Keefe
Weller 107 Vaskos
Elijah Craig Toasted Vaskos
Wild Turkey Rare Breed/200ml Flask 2015 WT 101 Bourb Pinch Hitter
3 pack of diff Cask strength Maker's Mark (3x375mls) Michael S.
Redbreast 12 Birdfeeder Edition Doug Chrisope

Bearface Canadian 7yr finished in tasty casks

Doug Chrisope

Jack Daniels SBBP 126.6pr

Doug Chrisope
JT Meleck Louisiana Rice whiskey Doug Chrisope
Larceny BP B523 Greg McDonald

 Old Forester BP 65% pick

Whiskey Fancies

1792 Sweet Wheat

Whiskey Fancies

New Riff Balboa Rye

Whiskey Fancies

Copper Sky Light Whiskey 16yr 140.2pr 

Tommy D
Heaven Hill BiB Tim Cournay
Kaiyo Japanese Whiskey Women of Whiskeys pick Women of Whiskeys
Weller Special Reserve Ed Williams
Weller Antique 107 Ed Williams
1792 Full Proof pick Ed Williams
Liter Weller 12yr Ed Williams
Midwinter Night's Dram John Trombetta
Sample Flight Killco
Rossville Union signed by Mas.Distiller
Bubblebath Bourbon
Killowen Belgrove Oat, Rum and Raisin finish Irish Whiskey
4Leaf Whiskey
Knob Creek BeamTac pick
Hitter Sample flight (6pack)
Russell's pick

Wes Milligan


J. Henry La Flamme
Deathless Dogs
Blantons (dumped 11/25/19)
Amy Boehm
Wilderness Trail Rye pick
Todd Ritter
Middle West CS Pumpernickel Rye OHLQ pick
Jay H
Nashville Barrel company Presto single barrel 
Mash and Drum
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit pick Mash and Drum
Heaven Hill BiB Whiskey Mountains
Penelope Barrel Strength Whiskey Mountains/Nick Promin
Rabbit Hole Dareringer
BigVic's Backyard BS
Rabbit Hole Cavehill
BigVic's Backyard BS
Booker's 2019-02 Shiny Barrel Batch
Liketime Whiskey
Buffalo Trace pick
Nate Branch
Horse Soldier Barrel Proof Bourbon
Bourben/Whiskey Uncensored
Sazerac Rye Spec's pick 90pr
Cierra/Whiskey RN
ECBP Spec's pick 1oyr 122.9pr
Cierra/Whiskey RN
Old Forester SB Spec's pick 132.5pr
Cierra/Whiskey RN
Russell's Reserve SB Spec's pick 110pr
Cierra/Whiskey RN
Taconic Maple Finished Whisky Mentors pick Irene Tan
Barrel head Table My Whiskey Lab
Whiskey Bottle lamp Top Dog
Beautiful handmade turned bowl Slapshot
2x Whiskey Mountains Mini Glens Whiskey Mountains
2 tickets to PINK concert on upcoming tour!!
3D Printed Bottle Holder My Whiskey Lab